TeleRein C IT is the new invaluable Tool for Riders which tells them how much contact they are putting on the horse's mouth

About Telerein C IT

TeleRein comes, in a sturdy little box. It is attached at the poll to the horse's bridle, by sturdy velcro bands. Strain gauges are fitted between the horse's bit and the rider's reins.

TeleRein C IT $960 + GST
A Card Reader and Micro USB Charger are available as optional extras if you would like to download your sessions to a computer or laptop.   

Further Information  
TeleRein C IT is the new invaluable rider’s Tool, which tells them how much contact they are having on the horse's mouth. By two lights, one for each rein, at the horse’s poll, a range of colours will display the pressure. On a scale from 0 grams to 4kg, it shows how much pressure is on the horse's mouth. A rider can discover for themselves: 

• Is my contact on my horse's mouth unsteady, one-sided, heavy or just right?
• Do I have good, sensitive hands, or are they too hard?
• Should I worry about how much pressure I have on my reins?
• TeleRein will show you when a horse is not “through”, because the lights will only show blue.   

TeleRein C IT $960 + GST
   Optional Extras. Card Reader $10, Micro USB Charger $25. 

Fitting TeleRein C IT

The very light TeleRein transmitter attaches to the headpiece of the horse's bridle by strong Velcro straps.

The side cables are secured to the bridle cheek pieces by small strips of Velcro and these cables attach by clips or straps to the bit. The rider's reins fasten to the rings on the back of the sensors.

Recording C IT information
A memory card inserted in the transmitter can record a session, which can then be downloaded to a computer. If you plan to record and download a ride, you will need a Memory card and card reader. Obtainable at any Stationery Warehouse or other Computer stores. See our user guides below for more information.

Information Video & Instructions

Since TeleRein C IT is a new product, we have been co-operating with valuable coaches' suggestions during its development., So TeleRein C IT instructions may be up-dated from time to time over the next few months.

telerien c it

Customer Testimonials

Our customer testimonials have been received for the original TeleRein device. Exactly the same system is used in both, just whoever receives the information changes from Coach to Rider.

"Your TeleRein is a fabulous idea! I have talked about my wish for something like this for years. Congratulations.”

Lendon Gray  - Director Dressage 4 kids. USA

“Overall there has been a better use of the rider’s leg when they have addressed the contact problem. We have had a lot of fun trying out the TeleRein and we have seen some excellent results. 

Tony Cosgrave - Head of Equestrian, Nga Tawa Girls School, Marton, North Island

“It is a very useful device, a very important tool for coaches, particularly in the light of research which shows that even judges cannot detect minor differences in lightness, that may in fact have a major influence on the way a horse goes.”

Andrew McLean - Director Australian Equine Behaviour Centre